SOLD – Alworth Street Warehouse & Rentals:  +/-  3,120 SF on +/- 0.68 Acres located at 5107 Alworth Street, Boise/Garden City. 

SOLD – Orchard Ranch Agricultural Land:  +/-  55 Acres located at TBD S. Orchard Ranch Road, Boise.  

LEASED – Osprey Building Executive Office Space:  +/-  190 SF located at 4700 N. Cloverdale Road – Suite 211, Boise.  


SOLD – Fairview Avenue Mixed Use Development Land:  +/-  4.2 Acres located at 11211 W. Fairview Avenue (Southwest and Southeast corner Fairview Avenue & Steelwood Avenue), Boise.   

SOLD – Overland Road Commercial / Office Land:  +/-  1.16 Acres located at 1560 S. Rolling Hills Drive (Northeast corner Overland Road & Rolling Hills Drive), Meridian.   

LEASED – Owyhee Center Retail Plaza Shop Space – Suite 519:  +/-  1,804 SF located at 511 12th Avenue Road, Nampa.  

LEASED – Main Street Retail Space:  +/-  400 SF located at 1600 N. Main Street, Meridian.  

LEASED… Continue reading


SOLD – Cole Road Surplus Land:  +/-  7.0 Acres located at 2201 S. Cole Road, Boise.   

SOLD – Gala Office Building:  +/-  5,172 SF on +/- 0.417 Acres located at 2365 E. Gala Street, Meridian.   

LEASED – Eagle River Shop Space – Suite 115:  +/-  1,200 SF located at 78 E. Eagle River Street, Eagle.    

LEASED – Boise Towne Square Shop Space – Suite 114:  +/-  1,400 SF located at 104 N. Milwaukee Street, Boise. 


LEASED – Main Street Commercial Building:  +/-  12,000 SF Building on +/- 0.6 Acres located at 633 W. Main Street, John Day, Oregon.  

SOLD – Middleton Road Development Land:  +/-  36.11 Acres located at 82 S. Middleton Road (Northeast corner Middleton Road & Roosevelt Avenue), Nampa.   

SOLD – Ten Mile Land:  +/-  1.0 Acres located at 4015 N. Ten Mile Road, Meridian.  


SOLD – Riverside Motel & Outfitter Lodging:  +/-  6,869 SF Motel AND +/- 1,750 SF Lodging on +/- .60 Acres located at 525, 560, & 600  Edna McGowan Avenue, Stanley.

SOLD – Nampa Gateway Center Hotel Pad 19:  +/-  2.16 Acres located at TBD Happy Valley Road (Southwest corner Happy Valley Road & Clearview Avenue), Nampa.   

SOLD – Parkcenter Blvd Office Building:  +/-  4,500 SF on +/- 1.161 Acres located at 871 E. Parkcenter Blvd., (Northwest corner Parkcenter Blvd & Apple Street), Boise.   

SOLD – Sparrowhawk Commercial Lot:  +/-  1.55 Acres located at 1850… Continue reading


SOLD – Eagle Road Bank Site:  +/-  4,760 SF on +/- 1.192 Acres located at 3135 E. Overland Road (Northwest corner Eagle Road & Overland Road), Meridian.  

LEASED – 3rd Street Office Space/Individual Building:  +/-  400 SF located at 128 3rd Street South, Nampa.  

LEASED – Sparrowhawk Office Space:  +/-  1,427 SF located at 2058 E. Franklin Road – Suite 140, Meridian.  


SOLD – State Street Commercial Building:  +/-  10,944 SF located at 650 State Street, Weiser.  

SOLD – Sparrowhawk Commercial Lot:  +/-  1.36 Acres located at 1994 E. Franklin Road, Meridian.  

LEASED – 3rd Street Office Space/ Individual Building:  +/-  400 SF located at 126 3rd Street South, Nampa.    


Downtown Boise is still strong, but stores follow new homes

Ben Kneadler knows his way around the retail complex anchored by a Fred Meyer at Chinden Boulevard and Linder Road in Meridian.  Over the past decade, Kneadler, an associate broker at Mark Bottles Real Estate Services, was part of the team that sold three parcels and leased about 15 others, steering the property from an empty lot to a bustling business center.  

The project spanned 10 of this 15 years in Treasure Valley real estate, including years of negotiating, securing entitlements, attracting an anchor and filling the surrounding parcels.  Kneadler made and received “hundreds and hundreds” of phone calls… Continue reading


LEASED – CentrePoint Marketplace Restaurant:  +/-  6,248 SF on +/- 1.407 Acres located at 3541 N. Eagle Road, Meridian.  

SOLD – 53rd Street Warehouse and Yard:  +/-  9,156 SF on +/- 1.73 Acres located at 106 W. 53rd Street, Boise.    

LEASED – Ralstin Street Flex Space:  +/-  1,550 SF located at 650 N. Ralstin Street, Suite 104, Meridian.  


Offices in downtown vs. suburbia: A matter of space

If you were to compare the Treasure Valley to just about any other good-size city in the country, there would be no question whether to put your office in downtown Boise or out in the suburbs.  

The Treasure Valley is compact enough that all of Ada County could be counted as an “urban core” rather than suburbs, as measured in big metros.  Even Nampa, a distant suburb in the view of most, is much closer to downtown Boise, timewise, than most suburbs are in other metro areas.  You’re in close proximity even if you’re in the suburbs.  There… Continue reading

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